The Yumbox Panino is a bento-style, leakproof lunchbox designed to make packing healthy, nutritionally balanced lunches easy.

The NEW Yumbox Panino 4-compartment leakproof bento enables you to pack like yogurt and applesauce and not have to worry about leaks

Perfect for older children and adults it has 4 compartments (a total volume 3 cups plus dip): One 2 cup portion for sandwich/salads, Two 1/2 cup sides, One 1 oz dip/treat well.

Yumbox is leak proof! It’s Silicone molded lid engages with the food tray to create a tight seal. No leaks inside or outside of the box. Pack applesauce next to crackers with no worries! One lid seals all compartments (no lost lids!).

The Yumbox eliminates the need for plastic bags, multiple containers, clingfilm and snack pots so allows you to pack a waste-free lunch.

Yumbox is lightweight and compact, with an easy-open latch, it fits neatly into a standard size thermal lunch bag.

Yumboxs' tray is removable and fun to use for at-home meals too.

The Yumbox is made from: all food-safe materials, BPA-free and phthalates-free. Sturdy ABS (outer box), Tritan(tray) and Silicone (seal).

Dishwasher-safe, hand washing the lid is highly recommended to prolong the longevity of the seal.


Measures approx. 22 x 15 x 5 cms and weighs 490g

By filling a Yumbox (as per the guidelines) it will offer nutritional balance for a child aged, 3 to 8 year olds. Older children (and many adults) also find using a Yumbox is a great way to eat healthily whilst controlling portion sizes or simply to pack healthy snacks for the day.


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