Our little ones grow up so fast! And the same goes for their vocabulary. Every day they surprise us with new words and make us laugh with their funny phrases and self-invented words.  How many times do you think: “I should write that down”?

Thankfully the makers of the very popular Baby and Pregnancy Milestone cards have created some fantastic new Mini Milestone cards to help us record and remember all those quirky and unexpected things.  The box contains 100 unique, illustrated cards.  Each card can be dated and kept in the box or a scrapbook. Or take a picture of it with your child for your photo album. You and your little ones will be enjoying the memories for years to come.

The cards are printed eco friendly certified paper and Vega-Fast ink: a special printing ink based 100% on vegetable oils.

Each card is approximately 10 cm x 6.5 cm

Great for sharing pictures via facebook, twitter or instagram

Come in a illustrated presentation box, making them an ideal gift


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