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Oh let us count the ways that these are the coolest dominos ever! Decorate or play with the unique, glow-in-the-dark Domino Tulip. This 28-piece, fully functional game is not your average set.

A whimsical accent that's also a game, the Domino Tulip makes a delightful addition to any room in your home. This one-of-a-kind piece includes 4 vibrant yellow tulips, 4 sticks, and 28 domino "leaves" resting in a rounded “lawn” base. Slide the leaves off the flowers to play a game, then clean up and display your beautiful game bouquet!

These light-absorbing domino leaves also glow in the dark! Set the bouquet in any window to catch the sunlight, just like a real plant, and enjoy the soothing glow. Little ones will delight in playing with this luminous domino set in their darkened play fort. 

Crafted from high quality European wood, the Domino Tulip is shaped and sanded to smooth perfection. Domino Tulips was designed by Fabio Guaricci. All Milaniwood products are made from sustainable, FSC-certified wood, and non-toxic, water-based paints.  They are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy. 


Contents: base, 4 stems, 4 flower heads and 28 domino pieces
Overall: 37cm high

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