Get Kids Talking cards


Get Kids Talking are a set of cards designed for families to carve out time together and engage in meaningful conversations in a world were technology is creeping more and more into everyday lives.  Research shows that regular conversations can spark a child's curiosity, develop their logical reasoning skills and boost their interpersonal skills.  

The pack contains 29 questions designed to ignite all types of conversations (funny, serious, creative and interesting). Examples questions include; What made you smile today? If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

As well as an opportunity to learn from each other, they also promote active listening skills and the positivity experienced from knowing you have been heard, enhancing communication, trust and developing strong relationships with busy parents.

We recommend using the cards at mealtime, in the car, on holiday or at bedtime to spark great conversations and remember to put your phone/tablet away.

Let everyone take turns in answering the card in their own way and withhold any judgement, there is no right or wrong. Have fun and Get Kids Talking!

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