Yumbox is available in 2 designs (the Classic and the Panino) as well as the brand new Yumbox Snack Box.   It is designed to be nutritionally balanced, to help with portion control and to be leak-proof.  

Yumbox is the perfect tool to eat healthily whilst on the go; Yumbox fans are as little as weaning babies (who can have their purees packed next to their rice cakes), as active as busy school children (who can be encouraged to eat a nutritionally balanced diet by its educational, illustrated, tray) or as stylish as Ladies who Lunch (who love the easy, compact and stylish design for portion control and healthy eating).

These sorts of boxes (also known as Bento boxes) are very popular is the US and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK too.  Our Yumbox is a firm favourite in our household!