The Bright Company

The Bright Company is a British sleepwear and bedding brand for children aged 0-9 years.  Founded in 2012 by Alienor Falconer.  All pyjamas are Unisex with bright colours and strong graphics for flourishing young personalities.  Their design pays close attention to the distinct physical needs of babies and toddlers, the ‘Slim Jyms Pyjamas’ are snug fitting so that they don’t ‘ride up’ at night leaving your little ones with cold patches, or restrict the tentative first crawls, steps and runs.  All pyjamas and bedding is designed and made in the UK using local fabrics.  We have just recently added their fabulous Junior Duvet set.  Made of exactly the same interlock cotton fabric as the Slim Jyms means that the duvet is super soft and snuggly.  Kids will be asking to go to bed!