NEW Sleepy Doe Pink on Pink Neon Moons April 10 2017

NEW Sleepy Doe Pink on Pink Neon Moons at desmond elephant
In very exciting news the slightly delayed Sleepy Doe Pink on Pink Neon Moons Sleepy Doe Pyjamas are now live.  It's the second 100% organic pair to sit with the Green Breton stripe.  These will soon be followed by the matching Mumma leggings.  Stock is limited so make sure you get yours while your size is still available! We've also restocked sold out Collection TWO styles as well as adding two more summer styles.  
Sleepy Doe collection two at desmond elephant
Finally Desmond Elephant Annual Egg Hunt is still going on.  Simply hunt or shop online to find a hidden Golden Egg with a discount code, enter the code at checkout and get 20% off your order.  Code valid until midnight on Tuesday 18/04/17.  Happy Hunting!