A chat with Emily, one of the Creators of Love Soap Ltd May 23 2015

Its been a while but we wanted to go to back to our series ‘Behind the Brand’ in which the companies that design and make the fabulous products sold at www.desmondelephant.com explain what they do, how and why. Today we share our catch-up with Love Soap Ltd and one of its’ inspiring founders Emily.

How and why did you start Love Soap Ltd?

We started the business for a number of reasons really. After having children we wanted to be able to work more flexibly and so working for ourselves seemed the best way to do this. Having tried out a number of other bath products with our own babies we identified a gap for a product that could combine both natural and organic ingredients with good performance. Charlotte already works alongside her husband in his soap making business and so had the knowledge and supplier contacts to get us started…

How does Love Soap differ from other children’s bath products?

We are one of very few children’s brands to be certified organic by the UK Soil Association. This means all of our products, the ingredients we use and the process in which we make them have been thoroughly inspected and adhere to strict certification criteria. We are also proud of the packaging we have created for our products which includes hand drawn illustrations and have more of a fun design element to them also.

Why haven’t you used Parabens in Love Soap products?

Parabens are preservatives used widely in the cosmetics industry. These chemicals have been linked to cancer and are potentially harmful to health. That said, it is important to use preservatives particularly in water based products such as shampoo and body wash otherwise these develop fungi and bacteria which are also harmful to health. We absolutely do not use Parabens in our products and only use minimum amounts of preservative (less than 1%) to ensure our products remain safe to use for 24mths after opening. These are mostly naturally derived and have been approved for use in organic beauty products certified by the Soil Association.

What are you hope for the future of Love Soap?

To continue to grow the business in a way that remains manageable for us. We are already building a loyal base of customers that come back regularly to stock up on their children’s bath products and that’s a great feeling.

How to you balance being a mother and creating a successful brand?

It’s a constant battle but being quite realistic and honest about what can be achieved in a set amount of time and setting boundaries so only being available for work tasks during specific times. I often reply to emails in the evening once my daughter is asleep in bed and generally get immediate responses often from other mothers also running their own businesses. I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to manage work that way.

What to you hope to achieve in the future?

To continue to be part of the organic beauty movement helping to raise awareness of the benefits of choosing organic and natural skincare. We also hope to extend our range of children’s skin care products and introduce a range for mothers too.

Based on your knowledge you have any beauty products you would recommend for mothers?

We love Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil – magic stuff for any sleep deprived Mum!

Thank you so much Emily, we are massive fans of what you do at Love Soap and can't wait for the mama range.  To see the full Love Soap collection Click here