Say “hello” to Adult Hello Apparel at Desmond Elephant June 26 2014

Due to special requests we have decided to extend our very popular Unisex Hello Apparel collection to include adult sweatshirts.  We are stocking the  signature ‘Hello’ sweats in vintage red and blue as well as the very popular black 'I'm so tired' sweat.

Hello Apparel is super soft, washes and wears really well. The designs are simple and to-the-point.  The graphics are just the right amount of simple, allowing us to get creative incorporating hello into our wardrobes and with matching baby bodysuits and kids sweats you can get matchy matchy in adult/toddler/baby sizes so the whole family can match!

They have been featured on loads of amazing blogs and have a massive following on Social Media, with over 65,000 followers on Instagram, they stay connected to their fans (and their fans connect with each other!) using #helloapparel - go check them out.