When did your baby first smile, sit or get their first tooth? March 18 2014

Finding a way to capture all of your baby’s milestones can be overwhelming. For sleep deprived new parents this can seem like an insurmountable chore. A basic baby book is typically the go-to solution.  If you are like me you start of with good intentions completing the book adding pictures and then suddenly 2 months have past, milestones have happened and you haven’t updated the book. When I had my second baby, Nelly, I wanted to find something else that would help me capture and remember those special moments and was delighted to discover Baby Milestone Cards.  

The 30 beautifully illustrated cards cover all the major milestones of a babies first year and come in a cute box.  We think they make a perfect gift for a new parent, a baby shower.

Desmond Elephant are delighted to be stocking Baby Milestone Cards.