Desmond Elephant's Easter Gift Guide Top 5 picks March 19 2016

Easter is only a week away so we’d thought we share our top 5 Easter gifts from our Easter gift guide.

Easter gift guide at desmond elephant



  1. Buddy+Bear Bunny Egg cup - this sweet bunny is a lovely addition to the breakfast table with two faces (one awake and one asleep), and a great alternative to a Easter egg
  2. Mini Dressing bunny socks – adorable bunny socks that will keep little tootsies warm, come in a pack of three.
  3. Naive Bunny bag – Ideal bag for Easter egg hunts or for Easter adventures
  4. Yumbox – perfect for Easter holiday day trips for healthy snacks and treats
  5. Bunny Rattle - A classic bunny shape rattle that would make the perfect gift for a babies first Easter.

Finally just in case you missed our last blog post we have a fun Easter Egg Hunt going online were you can find a hidden Golden Egg which has a 15% OFF discount code attached.  Find out more here